Founded in 2016 by aspiring portuguese filmmaker João Monteiro, “A Severa Filmes” is an independent low to no-budget arthouse film company based in Porto, Portugal.

The purpose of the company's foundation serves as an authentic opposition against the pre-conceptions surrounding the current monopolized state of modern filmmaking. The main goal of the company is to offer its audience a clear path of opposition against the economic and creative obstacles imposed by major labeled film corporations around the world.

We defend that Art shouldn't be subjected by any means to some economic tool or creative dogma. Personal exploration and constant materialization of film as an art medium is the focus that guides “A Severa Filmes” into its fruition.

The project has been determined to build work that is open to endless interpretations from all kinds of viewers. Our goal is to connect our productions and artistic desires to any human living in the world today excluding the elitism sorrounding the modern-art market and the economical party who sustains it.


João Monteiro is a young Portuguese filmmaker currently based in Porto. In 2016, he founded "A Severa Filmes" and proceeded to launch its first independent short-film, "Reino", which premiered July 2016, in Porto.

João has been working with film and photography since the age of 15. He attended Escola Artística Soares dos Reis, an arts-oriented high school based in Porto and moved to London in 2014 to further his studies at the London College of Communication. There, he started to narrow down the scope of his artistic interest towards the development of his filmmaking practice, keeping himself busy with work such as commercials and academic short-films.

With the experience gathered overseas, he returned to Porto, where he started his independent film project “REINO” and kickstarted the foundation of the production company “A Severa Filmes”. “REINO” has now been nominated in several film festivals, such as “Salon Internacional de la Luz” in Bogotá, Colombia and “IBAFF: Festival Internacional de Cine” in Murcia, Spain. The film has also been screened all over Portugal in cities like Lisbon, Funchal, Viseu and Guimarães, as well as in Santa Catarina, in Brazil.